Basic Company Profile

Company Name Maywufa Co., Ltd.
Abbreviated Name Maywufa
Stock Code 1731
Market Type Listed company
Industry Biomedical industry
Main Business The manufacture and sales of Maywufa® hair care and skin care products; the sales and distribution of products from large scale global pharmaceutical companies; the management and operation of the “Pharmacy Franchise” pharmacy chain.
Date Established 1976-10-01
Date Listed 2001-09-17
Paid-up Capital NT$1,329,152 thousands
Chairman C.C. Lee
Main Shareholder Cheng Yi Investment Holdings
Company Headquarters 5F, No. 167, Fuxing North Road, Taipei City
Company Organization Chart Maywufa Grand Fortune Securities Co. Ltd.
Number of Employees 250(2017/04)
Stock Transfer Agency Grand Fortune Securities Co. Ltd.
Accounting Firm Deloitte Taiwan
Main Cooperating Bank First Bank
Tel No. +886-2-2713-6621
Fax No. +886-2-2715-2181
Spokesperson‘s email