• Instant coverage while maintaining healthy hair

  • A vibrant look for a vibrant life

Maywufa® Hair Color is a leading brand in Taiwan and has repeatedly won the Taiwan Excellence Award and the Symbol of National Quality.

Enjoy a safe revitalizing hair coloring experience. With multiple product series to choose from, such as Maywufa® Instant Coloring Cream, Sunflower Coloring Cream, and the Maywufa® HENNA Coloring Cream, our happy customers can find the product that is right for them. All our lines offer superior coverage of white hair, set quickly, leave lasting colors, and contain botanical hair conditioning extracts to protect the hair during coloring.

Maintaining a youthful attitude is the key to ageless beauty. Be it coloring or bleaching, Maywufa has something for you!


Look 30 again in just fifteen minutes
Beautiful shining coverage that’s ammonia free

Maywufa® Instant Coloring Cream is praised by both consumers and critics. As the number one choice for customers who want instant complete coverage of white hair, Maywufa® Instant Coloring Cream has won numerous awards including the “Taiwan Excellence Award”, the “National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award” and was named a “Taiwan Top 100 Brand”.

Dare to have FUN. Unleash your CREATIVITY.
Transform your normal black hair into VIVID colors!

COLORFUL boasts a selection of 17 color options to transform black hair into brilliant hues.

Infused with hair conditioning olive extract, COLORFUL leaves your hair softer and silkier after coloring. The creamy texture reduces dripping and hair is evenly covered when applied with the convenient coloring comb. To reduce scalp and skin irritation, COLORFUL does not contain the chemical substance PPD.


Introducing a classic fragrance reminiscent of timeless British perfumes

Restore life to your hair and scalp with our age-defying formulas A collection of classic fragrances rooted in time-honored European traditions. The Maywufa Classic Series is a distillation of the finest essences to elevate your shampooing and bathing experience. Imagine your shower time transformed into an elegant spa experience. Enjoy the sensation of a light and relaxed scalp during this refreshing experience.

Pamper yourself with a custom mix of the finest herbal essences.

We provide a custom blend of product ranges for each skin and hair type using potent herbal extracts to restore the natural vitality of hair and skin


The SOHOLEA product series contains natural herbal extracts formulated to nourish each individual’s unique hair and skin conditions.

Your very own set of customized skin and hair care products. No excessive use of chemical additives - only the most pure and potent herbal essences.