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Chairman C. C. Lee

Maywufa Company Limited, engaging in manufacture, R&D and marketing haircare products, was established in 1976 by Chairman C. C. Lee , and was the first legal entity under the umbrella of Maywufa Healthcare Group which is currently led by Chairman C.C. Lee and Vice Chairperson Yili Lee. Since 1998, Maywufa Healthcare Group expanded its business scope to the biomedical field, and successfully established PhytoHealth Corporation in 1998, AmCad BioMed Corporation in 2008 and acquired Broadsound Corporation in 2018. Being one of the leaders among Taiwan biomedical industry, Maywufa, PhytoHealth, AmCad and Broadsound are highly regarded as specialty in “sales and marketing”, “new drug research and development”, “AI in medical imaging technology” and “medical ultrasound replacement transducer and analyzing system development”.


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